The physical and mental wellbeing of dogs is of paramount importance to me, and I began dog walking while at university to release some of the constant pressure on owners working full-time to exercise their dogs and keep them mentally stimulated. This can be a challenge for owners, particularly those with working breeds - as a bored dog can quickly become a destructive/'nuisance' one!


My previous practical experience includes: working in show kennels (beardies, poodles and bassett hounds), a working sled-dog centre, various boarding kennels, for film/TV animal trainers, as a class assistant, have been dog walking/sitting since 2009 and held classe at Home Farm DTC since 2011. I've been lucky enough to have worked with, or studied, a number of other species - from egg-laying hens in Nottinghamshire to the pink pigeons in Mauritius. Although they're a far cry from the domestic dog, it has kept me open-minded and reminds me to appreciate how easy we have it working with our canine companions (although it may not always feel like it!).


My formal qualifications include an FdSc in Animal Studies and a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training.

In addition to this, I always have seminars and workshops lined up in my diary - that's the great thing about working with dogs, there is always plenty more to learn.

I primarily now focus on tracking (a form of 'scent work') and parkour with my own dog, a mongrel called Daisy.