Most of the dogs in our group walks have been with me for many, many years now. Almost half of them since puppy hood! To ensure your dog fits in, all dogs are kept on a trial for one month to ensure both you and your dog are completely happy.
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You will normally find us in the lesser-used places in Barnet, and so treat each walk like a mini adventure!



Where we go beyond the confines of Barnet into the wonderful Hertfordshire countryside for an extra special walk. Perfect for busy owners. Ensuring tired and content pooches upon return home.



Our puppy visits are a flexible service designed to break up your puppies day. They include a loo break, play/training time and any meals as required. These are also designed so that I myself, develop a relationship with your pup - so they know and trust me in time for when they're ready to venture outside into the big wide world.

As your puppies grow in confidence I follow a gentle socialisation program, going at their pace, to introduce them gradually to the other dogs at WW.
You also have general support from me during the scary puppyhood phase!  

A small discount may be available for multiple visits a day.
Due to the time and care dedicated to puppies, there is a minimum booking three days per week.

This can be booked alongside puppy training sessions, to discover more take a look here.


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